Worried about ransomware attacks?  Want to get protected fast even though you already have an existing backup solution?  RansomProtect is the industry’s fastest to ransomware protection across public, private, and SaaS Clouds.

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Protect yourself NOW from ransomware with Clumio RansomProtect™ which provides an air-gapped and immutable backup that protects your data, no matter what cloud it resides in. Forget about buying more hardware and software on-premises or replicating snapshots in the public cloud. Clumio RansomProtect gets you protected in 15 minutes.

Air Gap Protection

Clumio is air gapped outside your security sphere, so hackers cannot access the backend infrastructure.  Our services includes immutable storage, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and a “bring your own key” option.

Ultimate Security

RansomProtect also meets ISO 27001, PCI, AICPA SOC and HIPAA certification and compliance designations. In addition, Clumio owns the entire security stack for your backup solution, eliminating the need to manage complex network security configuration and maintenance.

Cloud Native Scale

Clumio takes advantage of public cloud elasticity. The architecture is massively parallel with access to virtually limitless resources enabling a seamless onboarding experience with no compromise in performance.

Eliminate Complexity

Backup is complex enough, but protecting yourself from ransomware doesn’t need to be.  Clumio is 100% SaaS with no hardware or software, no maintenance, no upgrades, and no headaches.

Reduced Costs with High Value

Clumio RansomProtect complements your existing backup and offers the 30-day air-gapped and immutable protection you need from aggressive ransomware attacks, while offering it at half the cost of competing solutions.

Rapid Recovery to Any Cloud

Recovering from a ransomware attack couldn’t be any easier with ultimate flexibility for restores with the ability to restore your data at fine grain granularity to any datacenter or cloud.

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If you have not yet experienced what an authentic SaaS experience for backup is like, we encourage you to try Clumio today to see how easy backup was meant to be.


“When I was introduced to Clumio, I saw the value right away. Now we have a secure air-gap for our backups to protect us from bad actors.”

Chris Blazejewicz, IT Manager, Lakeside Process Controls