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Protect Your VMs in the Cloud, Leave Capacity Planning Behind

CIOs are mandating that IT teams take a SaaS first, cloud approach to reduce the data center footprint, and simplify management to focus on adding business value. Backup and recovery is a complex and resource-intensive application. Talented IT resources spend too many hours focusing on this critical, yet non-revenue generating business requirement. Transitioning backup to a SaaS model is a way to reduce costs, complexity, and free staff to focus on more strategic activities. Clumio is a single, secure service that offers enterprises the simplicity, elasticity, and cost predictability of SaaS for protecting on-prem VMs.


“Clumio is simple to set up, easy to configure, very low cost and it simply works”

Cory Smith, CIO and CTO - City of Davenport

Predictable Costs

  • The flexibility of OPEX with a predictable consumption model
  • Reduce the data center footprint with SaaS for backup
  • Eliminate backup infrastructure costs and capacity planning 

Clumio’s authentic SaaS for backup gives predictable costs based on VMs provisioned, no matter how large they grow. Enjoy the benefits of SaaS applied to backup, without the costs and complexity of managing and maintaining backup software and infrastructure. As backup volumes grow, IT teams have to continually worry about capacity planning and whether storage is overutilized  or underutilized. IT teams can now focus their time on business value activities, leaving backup to Clumio. 

Easy to Manage

  • One set of backup policies for VM workloads
  • Backup and restore multiple VMs running on-prem
  • Ease backup management with reliable recovery

Traditional on-prem solutions provide a means for backing up VMs in the cloud, however they were not designed for the cloud.  Clumio enables backup from a single set of backup policies for VMs in a hybrid IT environment. Clumio gives enterprises the elasticity, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of SaaS- alleviating the complexity of backup management from IT teams so they can focus on the core business.

Global Compliance

  • Single, centralized backup for VMs, simplifying compliance
  • Backups are in the cloud, meeting offsite backup requirements
  • Robust reporting across your environment to satisfy compliance

Fragmented backup strategies wreak havoc on already complicated compliance challenges. Clumio provides a single, centralized backup service where backup teams can easily set, apply, enforce, and monitor backup policies. Backup teams can now know what VMs are in or out of compliance, no matter where they reside – helping to address issues before they become big problems.


“In a PCI assessment, we demonstrated real-time recovery for any file type and whole VMs. With Clumio we could easily test restoring files and passed the audit with flying colors.”

Kevin Erwin, Director of IT, Zetron

Always-On Security

  • Tenant data is always encrypted separately with unique keys
  • Data transfers are safeguarded with end-to-end integrity checks
  • Data is written in an immutable format to the Clumio service

Clumio has designed a highly secure solution in the public cloud. The cloud-native design means services are capable of securely backing up data to the cloud. Tenant data is segmented with unique keys and always encrypted. During backups, data is written to an S3 object store in an immutable format, creating an air gapped security layer. This provides additional peace of mind for a sound recovery in the case of a data breach.

Accelerating to the cloud, but backup’s getting in the way?

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