Backup for VMware

Backup your VMs, wherever they run with a single, secure backup service. Align data protection with your cloud strategy and benefit from increased flexibility.

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A Single Data Protection Service For vSphere And VMware  Cloud

Clumio addresses key data protection goals as VMs move to the cloud. Clumio is a single, secure service for enterprise backup. It is a single environment that applies the same skillsets and operational models in the same way for all supported workloads. There is no infrastructure dedicated to the Clumio service. The service is built with modern serverless components to scale on-demand, without the need for design, capacity planning or maintenance. Ever.  The architectural approach is modern, by definition.

VMware Use Cases

Disaster Recovery

Clumio can help VMware Cloud act as a ‘DR Pilot Light’ for applications that don’t require immediate failover. This approach enables the use of VMware Cloud to lower the cost of warm standby for apps that don’t need immediate recovery.  Clumio provides a single data protection service that pre-stages backups in the cloud to enable recovery of VMs within hours of the point of DR need.  Clumio data protection can also be a benefit for mission-critical apps in the cloud.

Data Center Extension

Protect your strategic workloads closest to the cloud with data protection in the cloud. Clumio provides one modern data protection strategy for your strategic workloads in VMware Cloud and AWS. Clumio also delivers flexibility to protect your on-prem workloads where they run. Move them to the cloud when you’re ready. Clumio helps you migrate your data since we can backup VMs from one cloud and restore them to another.

Cloud Migration

Cloud journeys often begin with SaaS apps, then move to cloud applications. Companies moving fast can quickly leapfrog into new cloud workloads with VMware Cloud and AWS, but legacy applications may need to stay on-prem for a while.  For data protection, Clumio provides a single, secure backup service and uniform policies to cover all these workloads without the complexity of backup infrastructure. Don’t let your data protection strategy slow down your cloud journey.