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Advance Backup for Hybrid Cloud, Leave Complexity Behind

Increasingly enterprises are moving virtual machines (VMs) to VMware Cloud (VMC) in their transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS). VMC provides an efficient transition to  AWS, eliminating infrastructure. Managing a hybrid environment with multiple backup environments for on-prem VMware and VMC is complex and difficult to harmonize. Enterprises are limited to traditional data protection solutions that were not designed to support both on-prem and cloud-based workloads. Clumio is a single service, built in the cloud that provides a cost-predictive, simple and secure solution to backup virtual machines in a hybrid IT environment – and accelerate VMC adoption.


“Clumio delivers solutions that address backup and recovery on-prem and in the public cloud without planning, sizing and implementation complexities.”

Mike Thompson, CEO of Groupware Technology.

Predictable Costs

  • No infrastructure investments or hidden cloud charges
  • Pay only for provisioned VMs, no matter how they grow
  • Elasticity of cloud with predictable consumption

With Clumio, backup costs are predictable because they are based only on provisioned VMs, without surprise egress charges that are typical of notable cloud providers. Clumio backs up efficiently eliminating the need to run backup agents 24×7 that drive up costs.  Let Clumio take care of backup so IT teams can focus on innovative, revenue contributing activities.

Easy to Manage

  • One set of backup policies for on-prem and cloud workloads
  • Backup multiple VMs on-prem, in the cloud or other locations
  • Reliable recovery for hybrid environments

Managing different tools to backup on-prem and cloud workloads is complex and expensive, requiring separate backup infrastructure for each. Clumio enables management from a uniform set of backup policies for VMs no matter where they run – simplifying management and providing backup policy oversight. Clumio helps enterprises accelerate VMC adoption while simplifying backup and recovery

Global Compliance

  • Centralized backup enforcement for VMs, simplifying compliance
  • Clumio backs up in the cloud, meeting offsite backup requirements
  • Manage and enforce backup with one set of policies

Fragmented backup strategies wreak havoc on already complicated compliance challenges. Clumio provides centralized backup management and enforcement from a uniform set of policies.  Clumio was born in the cloud, and backs up to the cloud, checking off the requirement for offsite backups. Clumio lets you know what is in compliance or not meeting compliance, no matter where the data resides – to help address issues before they become big problems.

Always-on Security

  • Tenant data is always encrypted separately with unique keys
  • Data transfers are safeguarded with end to end integrity checks
  • Data is written in an immutable format to the Clumio service

Clumio has designed a highly secure solution in the public cloud. The cloud-native design means services are capable of securely backing up data in the cloud. Tenant data is segmented with unique keys and always encrypted. During backups, data is written to an S3 object store in an immutable format, creating an air gapped security layer. This provides additional peace of mind for a sound recovery in the case of a data breach.

Accelerating to the cloud, but backup’s getting in the way?

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