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Don’t Leave Microsoft 365 Data Protection to Chance

SaaS offerings like Microsoft 365 require ransomware protection with the ability to restore quickly when needed at a cost-effective price point for long-term compliance. The protection provided by Microsoft is complex, costly, and does not provide what many compliance mandates stipulate that data backups be stored for as long as 7-15 years, not just 90 days. Native data retention solutions built into Microsoft 365 do not provide the granular level of backup and restore required by the enterprise, putting them at business continuity and compliance risk. Clumio’s enterprise backup as a service is uniquely designed to securely back up, protect, and restore Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint data in Microsoft 365 as a single service.

"Clumio makes it super simple to protect new workloads as they come online and consolidate the protection of existing ones, like Microsoft 365, on the same platform.”

Jason Thomas, CIO, CSK Legal

Always-On Security

  • Data is secured in air-gap backup copies in the Clumio service to protect from ransomware
  • Clumio backups are immutable and cannot be deleted
  • Microsoft 365 data is always encrypted separately with unique keys
  • Data transfers are safeguarded with end-to-end integrity checks

Clumio’s cloud-native design ensures data is securely backed up in the cloud so it is always available for restores when needed. Tenant data is segmented with unique keys and always encrypted. As an extra layer of security Clumio’s security credentials are separate from Microsoft 365 production credentials. During backups, data is written to an S3 object store in an immutable format, creating an air-gapped security layer. This provides additional peace of mind for a sound recovery in the case of a data breach or ransomware attack resulting in data deletion within production mailboxes, email accounts, OneDrive, or Sharepoint.

Effortless Compliance

  • Retain data for 7 years, or beyond 
  • Apply uniform policies across all Microsoft 365 services such as Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Meet compliance with predictable costs

The default data protection for Microsoft 365 is 90 days. Ransomware can also be resident in the dataset for well beyond 90 days, making it impossible to restore data before the ransom attack. This period may not meet the required data retention requirements for different industries, putting the enterprise at risk. Clumio enables cost-effective long-term data protection for periods much longer than 90 days. IT administrators can enforce uniform policies across their M365 domains for seven years or more. IT administrators set the policies and Clumio automatically applies those policies to newly added accounts, freeing time for more strategic business activities. Clumio proactively alerts IT Administrators when something needs immediate attention.

Fast, Intuitive Restores

  • Quick recovery from ransomware and other data loss
  • Easy to execute point in time, complex restores
  • Search and recover from a single email to a full mailbox
  • Restore any point in time version of your files in OneDrive
  • Restore either the entire SharePoint site or specific contents of that site

If a ransomware attack or another event results in data loss, organizations need to recover quickly to minimize the impact to users and customers. Clumio makes it easy to do point in time, complex restores – quickly and efficiently. Administrators have many options for restores to getting back up and running fast with a search for a specific email or mailbox, specific OneDrive files, or SharePoint site/content. This allows organizations to restore very granular or complete data rapidly without having to search in archive directories within M365. Clumio also has the unique capability to restore services to alternate locations, data sources, and targets, providing recovery flexibility.


“36% of enterprises cite SaaS data protection as the most challenging aspect of their data protection tasks.”

IDC Multi-cloud Survey, August 2019

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