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Avoid Data Loss On Your Journey To The Cloud

Moving to the cloud has obvious benefits, but the onus of adequate data protection falls on the enterprise. Risks of data loss from ransomware, accidental deletion, and malware are real and the consequences can be irrecoverable. Snapshot managers and on-prem tools are expensive to manage and carry incremental storage costs for data retention requirements. Managing tens to thousands of AWS accounts with different backup tools is complex and risky. To simplify this, Clumio offers secure, backup as a service to protect EBS volumes from a uniform set of backup policies.

Cost-Effective Data Retention

  • Meet compliance requirements for data retention
  • Save 50% or more compared to snapshot managers alone
  • Pay only for provisioned terabytes vs. storage consumed for backup

Managing different tools for backup can wreak havoc on already complicated compliance challenges. Snapshot managers store associated data within individual accounts which is risky. In addition, every snapshot stored to meet data retention, increases storage costs. Clumio provides efficient data storage only charging for provisioned terabytes, without the surprise egress charges typical of cloud providers. Enterprises can now meet compliance requirements for data retention with predictable costs.

Always-On Security

  • Data is written in an immutable format to the Clumio service
  • Tenant data is always encrypted separately with unique keys
  • Data transfers are safeguarded with end to end integrity checks

Clumio has designed a highly secure solution in the public cloud. The cloud-native design ensures data is securely backed up in the cloud. Tenant data is segmented with unique keys and always encrypted. During backups, data is written to an S3 object store in an immutable format, creating an air gapped security layer. This provides additional peace of mind for a sound recovery in the case of a data breach.

Easy to Manage

  • Manage backup from a uniform set of backup policies for EBS volumes
  • Simplify management of tens to thousands of AWS accounts
  • Alleviate the burden of backup from IT teams

Using different tools to backup tens to thousands of AWS accounts is resource intensive and expensive, requiring separate backup infrastructure for each. Clumio enables management with a uniform set of backup policies for  EBS volumes- with the ability to monitor compliance status for the backup policies. Clumio takes on backup, freeing up IT talent to focus on delivering business value while giving the enterprise sound, data protection.

All enterprise apps must meet the same compliance requirements. Are your cloud apps at risk?

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