Backup for AWS Native Services

Reduce the cost and risk of getting to the cloud faster with a single data protection service for operational recovery, data recovery, and compliance for AWS.

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One Data Protection Service for These Amazon Native Services

Cloud Ready Data Protection for AWS

Snapshot Managers
On-Prem Backup
Cloud Ready
Operational Recovery
Data Recovery
Snapshot Managers
  • Risk Exposure
  • Complex
  • Very Costly Compliance
On-Prem Backup
  • Complexity Across Three Fragmented Tiers
  • Costly Infrastructure Management
Snapshot Managers
  • Complex
  • Scripting
  • Managing Snapshots and Retention Limits
On-Prem Backup
  • High Cost
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Complex
Snapshot Managers
  • Risky and Complex
  • Exposure to Ransomware and Data Loss
  • Scripting Across Multiple Accounts
On-Prem Backup
  • Complex and Costly
  • Separate Infrastructure
  • Complex and Costly to Maintain
Snapshot Managers
  • Costly, Non-Compliant
  • Enormous Cost
  • Choose Between Low Cost and Compliance
On-Prem Backup
  • Hi Cost, Very Slow
  • Slow Data Recovery
  • Very High Costs to Extract, Rebuild and Query

Are you ready to simplify backup and recovery in AWS?


Manage operational recovery with the orchestration of in-account snapshots for free. The service creates air-gapped backup copies to support data recovery of files, volumes, or records,  if production accounts are compromised.  Long-term data retention and compliance is managed by a uniform set of backup policies with automated monitoring. The amount of data protected and retention times determine pricing, which deliver predictable costs.

Snapshot Managers

Snapshots support operational recovery.  But to guard against account compromise, customers must store snapshot copies in additional accounts, then write scripts to manage to limitations on the number of copies. Once done, cloud bills rise due to high snapshot costs (2-5x that of AWS S3).  Costs spiral further out of control because snapshots are the only tool for long-term data retention. 

On-Prem Backup

These tools are built on code bases that existed before the internet. Each approach – primary storage array snapshots, traditional backup arrays, and archives are often provided by different vendors, with different technologies and economics. These fragmented approaches don’t translate into the cloud.  Complexity and surprise public cloud fees abound. The complexity of managing these architectures is just daunting.