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Slash Data Retention Costs by 50% for Mission-Critical Apps

Enterprises transition to Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) from leading cloud providers like Amazon to simplify database setup, management, and maintenance. The benefits of using Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) means the modern enterprise is free of provisioning, scaling, monitoring, and managing in-house databases. While these activities are alleviated, organizations cannot afford to compromise on data protection –  to quickly handle operational recovery,  data recovery, and long-term retention for compliance.


“Clumio seamlessly handles operational recovery while significantly reducing our snapshot costs. We now have line of sight to significantly reduce our TCO for long-term data retention since it is an integral part of the Clumio service.”

Brian Cahill, Director, Technology & Dev Ops, FrogSlayer

Cost-Effective Compliance

  • Save up to  50% on data retention costs compared to snapshots alone
  • Cost-effectively meet compliance mandates for data retention
  • Pay only for protected terabytes and retention versus storage consumed for backup

With Clumio, enterprises realize predictable data retention costs by saving up to 50% compared to snapshots and associated storage. Snapshots, the native AWS tool for RDS backups, are restricted to a 35-day retention limit. Compliance mandates vary requiring months, if not years, depending on the industry. Clumio provides a cost-effective way to backup RDS data for long periods to meet compliance. Clumio also achieves cost predictability by charging only for protected terabytes, without the surprise egress charges typical of cloud providers. 

Always-On Security

  • Data is always encrypted and safeguarded with end-to-end integrity checks
  • Data is stored in an immutable format outside of production accounts
  • Backups cannot be deleted before the expiration

Clumio’s cloud-native design ensures data is securely backed up in the cloud. Tenant data is segmented with unique keys and always encrypted. Clumio’s security credentials are separate from Amazon’s production credentials. During backups, data is written to an S3 object store in an immutable format, creating an air-gapped security layer. This provides peace of mind for a quick recovery in case a data breach or ransomware attack deletes or corrupts snapshots along with production databases. Data is safeguarded from accidental deletion since backup expiration is governed by the policies set.


“Organizations working to migrate their mission-critical databases to the cloud are in a quandary when it comes to data protection options. Snapshot-only protection strategies are costly, risky, and non-compliant.”

Steve McDowell, Senior Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Simplified Policy Management

  • Easy to establish compliance across AWS accounts and services
  • Apply and monitor policies consistently from a single user interface
  • Proactive alerts are deployed when something is out of compliance

Using different tools to backup AWS accounts and services is resource-intensive, expensive, and ineffective. From a single user interface, Clumio provides centralized backup management and enforcement from a uniform set of policies for RDS. Before something is out of compliance, Clumio sends proactive alerts, so issues can be addressed before they become a problem. By taking on backup, Clumio frees up IT talent to focus on delivering business value while giving the enterprise sound data protection.

Faster Database Restoration

  • Dramatically reduce response times to legal holds and eDiscovery 
  • Quickly recover rows, columns, or database tables from logical corruption
  • Enable migration across database engines, through the full database life cycle

Increased litigation and changes in regulatory compliance can lead to time-consuming, expensive legal inquiries. Clumio accelerates response to legal holds and eDiscovery because RDS data is stored in an easily searchable format. With granular record retrieval, users can browse their databases and tables then quickly retrieve the desired data down to the record level. Other tools require time-consuming database restoration and system rebuilds that can take days. With Clumio, if a database is corrupted, organizations can recover columns, rows, and tables in minutes. Clumio enables the migration across database engines and versions through the full life cycle, providing control over data without the headache of maintaining database infrastructure for long term retention. 

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