Clumio for Amazon RDS

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Clumio provides automated air-gapped backups for Amazon RDS.


architectural overview of Clumio for RDS

Use Cases

Use Case

Long-term archival & compliance

Ransomware recovery

Near-term operational recovery

Clumio Product

Clumio for RDS: compliance
*early access must be enabled
Clumio for RDS: air gap Clumio for RDS: Clumio-managed RDS automated backups


For database backups with long-term retention requirements, Clumio for RDS compliance offers weekly air-gapped, immutable backups that are queryable for easy record retrieval during audits. Includes compliance reporting. You can enable these capabilities on existing snapshots in AWS by converting them to Clumio backups. For resilience against ransomware and cyber incidents, Clumio for RDS air-gap takes automated air-gapped, immutable incremental backups of your RDS databases. Includes customizable compliance reporting that simplifies the audit process. Clumio allows you to manage and orchestrate your in-account RDS automated backups for near-term resilience against accidental deletions and corruption.


– Minimum 1 year retention
– Weekly or monthly backup frequency
– Record-level retrieval
– Aurora Serverless not supported
Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly backup frequency Snapshots remain in AWS, storage fees may apply

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