SaaS startup Clumio taps into Indian talent, launches R&D center in Bengaluru

SaaS-powered firm Clumio on Thursday announced the launch of the Clumio Research and Development Center in Bengaluru.

Founded in 2017 in Santa Clara, California by Poojan Kumar, Kaustubh Patil and Woon Jung, Clumio provides a secure backup as a service for enterprises that reduces the cost and replaces the complexity of managing data across all clouds with a SaaS-powered approach. The firm aims to build and deliver SaaS-based data protection services on its platform built on AWS in its R&D center.

The firm is hiring to fill roles across Software Engineering, Cloud Operations and Customer Support and Success. It is also creating a strong base in India already having 34 employees and planning to expand to more than 70 by the end of 2020.

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