Is Your Cloud Data Really Protected?

Don’t fall victim to the Mandela Effect when it comes to the security of your cloud data

What Is The Mandela Effect?
And What Does It Have To Do With Cloud Data Protection?

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which a large number of people report memories of an event that never happened. And like many who swing their lightsabers and ominously intone, “Luuuuke” (even though that’s not in the film), so too there are people who believe that by storing their data in the cloud, the data is automatically protected. Well, that’s a Mandela.

Insufficient Measures Put Your Business At Risk
Not protecting your data leaves you vulnerable to risks
  • Accidental deletions can happen with a single keystroke, but getting that data back might be impossible
  • Ransomware attacks are a threat to organizations of all sizes and industries
  • Internal bad actors have access to your production data, as well as your backups if they’re not air gapped
  • Data breaches can severely impair your operations while you scramble to secure your data
Recovering can be slow and expensive
  • 21 days average downtime due to ransomware attacks
  • $4.2M average cost of a data breach in 2021
  • 287 days average time it takes to fully recover from an attack

Take Steps to Ensure Recoverability – Before You Have to Recover

The worst time to find out that you can’t recover from an accidental deletion or insider threat is after it’s already happened. In account snapshots and replication are vulnerable to bad actors, and even if the data is there, it can take you hours to find the right data to restore.
  • Recover Quickly
    Use global search to recover the data you need with just a few clicks
  • Restore Granularly
    Bring back just the data you need, whether it’s a bucket, a file, an object, or a single email
  • Report Easily
    Always be audit ready with automated compliance monitoring and proof of recoverability

Customers Love Our SaaS Simplicity

    Administrator in Government Administration
    Clumio just makes it too easy
    I like how easy it is to use, we have it back up every night and had zero issues, and the email we get every morning telling us that the backup happened is informative and reassuring. You can't ask for better software with a team of people to make sure it's all working for you. Great product.
    Administrator in Architecture & Planning
    Helped save our critical info!
    Effortless interface, restore procedure is fast and efficient. Setup with our Office 365 tenant was very straightforward, and backups began straight away. An excellent backup application all around.
    Kendall W.
    Easy to use, comprehensive backup solution
    The interface is extremely simple to use and very intuitive. The time it takes to locate a backup and perform any necessary recovery processes is minimal and, in my experience, complete. When it comes to a solution that multiple people of various skill sets can use, this should be at the top of the list.

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