Manage Risk and Lower Your AWS Bill

Security and Cost Efficiency Never Go Out of Style

Seasons and cycles are a normal part of business planning. It’s always important to keep security and costs in mind, especially in today’s economic environment. With Clumio, you can relax knowing that your data protection is optimized for hardened security while delivering a low TCO. And you’ll have the comfy gear to relax in!

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Motherh@#ker$ Be Gone!

A ransomware event takes place every 11 seconds, and the average cost of a breach in 2021 was $4.62M – not including the ransom. Protect your data with a turnkey air-gapped backup, so you can ensure rapid recovery. Oh, and you’ll likely need that air gap to qualify for cyber insurance.
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Is EC2-Other Blowing Your Mind?

If your backup strategy in AWS depends on in-account snapshots, vaulting, and/or replicating snapshots, you have limited visibility and control for recovery and compliance. Meanwhile, your EC2-Other EBS volumes are probably exploding as your business grows. We can help you get it back in control.

You don’t have to choose between ransomware protection and cost reduction

Introducing Clumio SecureVault Lite for Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS, providing air gap protection at a similar cost as local in-account AWS snapshots. At 30% lower cost than replicating or vaulting snapshots in alternate accounts, SecureVault Lite brings affordable ransomware protection to organizations of every size. Also included is Clumio Discover, a free data visualization engine that provides a satellite view of all your AWS assets along with footprint info for Amazon S3, DynamoDB, RDS, EC2, and EBS across accounts, services, and regions.

“Clumio SecureVault for Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS met our requirements and exceeded expectations by delivering a cost-optimized, consumption-based data protection service. We finally have a solution that fits within our budget without compromising the security of our data.”

Jai Dalal, Senior Vice President of IT, WideOrbit

Yes, you can have both

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