Snapshots Ain’t Backups

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Simplify Protection, Recovery and Data Retrieval With Clumio

Time: 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

For enterprises, the power, simplicity, and ease of use promised by running business applications in the cloud are compelling. But to get there, you need seamless migration and a solid data protection strategy. You cannot afford to use legacy backup tools in AWS and expect value and cost reduction in the cloud, and you  simply cannot rely on snapshots to meet your data recovery or retention requirements. The challenges you have today around data protection complexity and data format dependencies are real. Unfortunately,  they don’t just disappear when you head to the cloud; in fact, they can increase exponentially.

Clumio SaaS Data Protection is built for the cloud and replaces the cost and limitations of existing tools with the power, simplicity and ease that you expect. Why choose between low cost and low risk, when you can get both with Clumio?

November 5, 2020
Time:2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT
AWS Insider
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