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Join the Clumio session: Is Your Data Protection Strategy Fit for an All Cloud World? from 1pm-2pm CT | 11am – Noon PT

Chadd Kenney, VP & Chief Technologist, Clumio

Enterprises today are awash in cloud-first strategies. Global events have accelerated this phenomenon with a majority of the population working from home. In the process, enterprise data continues to disperse among hybrid and public clouds. Significant growth in the already strong usage of SaaS applications is another driver of data dispersion. In this all cloud world, the responsibility for data protection lies with the customer, not the cloud provider. The result has been a dramatic increase of the complexity of data protection and the attack surface for threats like ransomware and data loss.

What does this mean to you and your business as you head cloud first – but knowing data protection is not something you can leave to chance?

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the data protection, security and compliance challenges in this brave new world
  • Learn what to look for and look out for as you build your data protection strategy and define requirements
  • Discover how SaaS and the cloud can be harnessed to address data protection in an all cloud world
May 12 11:00am–May 12, 12:00am, 2020
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity – Resilient Infrastructure Virtual Event
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