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Fortifying data resilience for intellectual property

“Basically, we don’t touch Clumio. We do some maintenance, but we don’t have to be in there every day worrying about what’s going on, playing around with it. We sleep at night. I’m not saying there aren’t things that keep us up, but backup and restore is not one of them.”
-Richard Jussaume, DevOps Manager

Shields Health Solutions, part of Walgreens, is a specialty pharmacy service that partners with healthcare systems to integrate specialty pharmacy services into hospitals, helping them improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs.

Shields worked with Clumio as part of their effort to fortify their security data resiliency stance, especially for partner data and intellectual property.

They had several objectives:

  • Protect all intellectual property through the implementation of immutable backups.
  • Secure data in RDS databases for both partners and the main database using immutable backups.
  • Be able to efficiently restore these backups.
  • Be able to easily provide evidence of backups and restorations during audits.

Clumio solved these needs, helping Shields fortify their data estate while freeing them from dealing with technical hurdles like scripting for effective job queuing, managing errors, timeouts, retries, and ensuring organizational visibility.

Hear Richard Jussaume, DevOps Manager, and Steven Bogar, DevOps Engineer at Shields Health Solutions, discuss key data protection considerations when migrating to the cloud, and how to decide on buy vs build for your business.

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