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How Eckerd College Ensured Cloud Data Resiliency

“My favorite thing about Clumio is how simple it is. We started setting up Clumio, and turned to each other and said “Wait a minute, we’re done! We’re already backing everything up!”
-Walter Moore, Senior Systems Administrator

Clumio helped Eckerd ensure their AWS data is air gapped and ready to be restored, positioning them for resilience while freeing their small team to focus on core initiatives. Working with Clumio, Eckerd has realized a 30% reduction in backup spending.



Hi, I’m Walter Moore. I’m the Senior Systems Administrator at the Information Technology Department at Eckerd College. We’re a four year Liberal Arts College. Eckerd College is located on the seafront in St. Petersburg, Florida and we’re physically vulnerable to natural disasters. So we had done a traditional dark site solution.

The challenge

We had made a transition from traditional on premise data centers and dark site to AWS, but we were still doing our backups the way we’ve always done them and we were trying to use the tools within AWS. Our team certainly faced some challenges figuring out how to perform those backups and restores. We were running into technological limitations, particularly of our premise solution.

Why Clumio

We decided we need to replace our backup solution. We started looking at what the available solutions were and whether they would include our AWS presence. And we met with Clumio and they came back and said “We can provide you your solution that handles your AWS EC2 instances, your premise VMware, and also S3.” Furthermore, when we got into the details of discussion with them, we realized there was a simple, straightforward pricing model and that they understood what the price proposition should be.

Simplicity and savings

My favorite thing about Clumio is how simple it is. We started setting up Clumio and we turned to each other and said, “Wait a minute, we’re done. We’re already backing everything up.” The highest impact features in Clumio for us are that you can set up protection policies that use tags. They’re very simple to apply and it’s simple to understand when looking in your environment at how you’re backing things up. Switching to Clumio, in addition to simplifying our backup and restore environment, also has led to about a 30% reduction in our spending on backups.

Reliability and confidence

We feel great about this solution. We love how simple and reliable it is. Basically all the headaches that we had are gone and we’re confident that the data is going to be there when we need it. I would most definitely recommend Clumio.

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