Oct 01, 2021

Protect for M365 & VMC – Feature Friday

Nic Hernandez
Protect for M365 & VMC – Feature Friday

Welcome to another round of our New feature Friday! It has been an action-packed week at Clumio and we are excited to announce that we have added AWS VMware Cloud (VMC) and Microsoft 365 (M365) to our AWS Marketplace offerings, as well as added the largest service from AWS, S3, to Clumio Protect! Let’s start looking at these innovations.

Clumio expands AWS Marketplace offering with VMC and M365 support

Back in April of this year, we started offering Clumio Protect and Discover via the AWS Marketplace for AWS EC2, EBS, DynamoDB and RDS, have a read here. We have experienced such rapid adoption of our Clumio Discover and Protect platforms for these native AWS services, we have expanded our Marketplace listing to include our backup as a service offerings for AWS VMware Cloud, M365.

The AWS Marketplace has become the avenue upon which the majority of our new customer journeys begin. Not only are enterprises accelerating their adoption of Cloud and SaaS platforms, they like to search for software and services they need via the AWS Marketplace. Enterprises are moving at hyperspeed and want to accelerate testing and procurement of services without going through a lengthy complex sales campaign. We recognize this, and in fact, make it extremely simple to access and test our backup as a service platform. All of Clumio’s AWS customers on-board via a self-led process. Thanks to our engineering and UX team a customer can connect their AWS accounts and create backups within about 10 minutes, without any direction from support or a sales engineer. It really is that easy and now enterprises can have the same experience for their AWS VMC and M365 environments! Jump on Marketplace and take a look, better yet, try it out. Every new customer gets an all access 30 day free trial of Clumio Protect and Clumio Discover is always free of charge.

Clumio Discover for insights into your cloud data usage and protection strategy

Clumio Protect securely air-gap protects and retains your backups in your Clumio SecureVault

One platform to protect all your workloads

A huge advantage Clumio brings to enterprises is all your native AWS, VMware Cloud and Microsoft 365 workloads are protected from one single pane of glass.

Secure cloud backup for M365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint

Clumio Protect for M365 enables customers to create protection policies that create backups which meet your recovery point objectives as well as compliance based long term retention requirements. With support for Mail, OneDrive and SharePoint we air-gap protect your messages, files and sites to Clumio to provide protection against ransomware and bad actors. When you need to do a restore, search for a single message, file or content and restore with just a few clicks. If you are in need of long term retention of your M365 mail and files simply define the length of retention required in the protection policy creation. One of the side benefits for customers, using Protect for M365, has been to lower their M365 licensing level/costs since they can now backup and retain data for as long as they like with Clumio. Clumio is very cost effective on a per user per month basis while at the same time enabling customers to achieve long term retention they need for Mail, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Easily browse through and restore your M365 services with Protect for M365

Modern data protection solution for VMC

Many of our AWS customers also have a presence in AWS VMWare Cloud. Wanting to decrease their on-prem footprint, VMC is a natural first step for enterprises moving into the cloud. Once moved to VMC, customers need to also define their protection strategy for their VMs that now live in the cloud. They had a strategy on premise and they need to be able to meet the same protection, recovery and compliance requirements as they move into the cloud. Utilizing Clumio Protect for VMC you can easily connect your vCenter(s) up at VMC, create and assign backup policies to meet your SLA’s, and when required restore a file, directory or set of VMs. We have built a cloud-native platform that scales based on your needs and delivers faster backups and restores for lower RTO. There are also no data egress charges for backups nor restores flowing to and from Clumio, lowering your TCO. Best of all, your VMC backups are 100% air-gapped, immutable and encrypted when you backup to our Clumio Secure Vault.

Clumio cost effectively meets both your long term data retention and uber secure air-gap copies of your data.

Easily Subscribe via the AWS Marketplace

Not only is the onboard process via Marketplace easy, Clumio’s Marketplace listing allows you to easily subscribe and create a contract for the amount of credits you would like to start with. You, the customer, control what amount of Clumio you would like to start with. As your data sets grow, simply expand the credit count you need. If you don’t use all the credits you purchased within the contract term, no worries, they roll into the next contract you create with Clumio. We have customers that do monthly, quarterly or for the best pricing we can offer- annual subscriptions. The choice is yours, we are here to help you figure out what model fits best for you (if you want to pull us in for help that is). Contact us directly or via your AWS account team. As an AWS ISV Partner, we work hand in hand to make sure AWS teams are updated on all things new with Clumio. AWS and Clumio are vested in making sure that you are utilizing the best services and platforms to make you successful.

We are pleased that every enterprise can now utilize every backup as a service offering we have via the AWS Marketplace. Be it native AWS services, VMware Cloud or M365 – all can be subscribed to, configured with backups flowing to your Clumio SecureVault within just a few minutes.

Clumio Protect for S3

Earlier this week we announced Clumio Protect for S3, the industry’s first S3 backup solution. With this offering, you can air-gap protect your mission critical S3 buckets and objects to Clumio’s SecureVault. Typically S3 is configured to utilize versioning and full bucket replication as a protection strategy by enterprises. However, many customers have let us know that object deletions, ransomware, bad actors, and the cost of replication have put some holes in this strategy. Clumio’s Protect for S3 allows protection policies to be created which enable customers to pick the objects they want to protect and define where they want the backups to land. There can be many bucket objects protected to AWS US West -2 and a few to AWS US East. The choice is yours. When you need to restore, select a single object, multiple buckets and define what region you want them restored to. Every backup is air-gapped, encrypted, and resides in append only immutable storage. The feedback from our EA customers has been excellent and we are excited to add more and more features to our S3 Protect based on their feedback!

Remember, with Clumio, you only pay for what you consume and absolutely no hidden fees or additional AWS resources to manage – and that’s true for all these new features we have added. Why should it not be this easy to securely protect your mission critical data? Clumio is a 100% cloud-native SaaS platform after all. Jump on the AWS Marketplace, do a search for Clumio and try us out for free!