Feb 09, 2022

Clumio Rockets through 2021

Poojan Kumar
Clumio Rockets through 2021

Clumio started in 2017 with the vision & mission to build a data protection company, built on the public cloud, for the public cloud. The biggest public cloud vendor and the pioneer in public cloud innovation, AWS, has grown from $3.1B in revenue in 2013 to an annualized run rate of $71B in the latest quarterly earnings report in Feb 2022. And all along, while AWS has been innovating and delivering services to enable the end user to rehost applications and enable cloud-native applications, a true air-gapped data protection service for these applications was a natural evolutionary step. We at Clumio have found the public cloud data protection opportunity as a massive greenfield opportunity and an opportunity to go deliver innovation, simplicity and scale for our end users running on AWS. This is a true blue ocean for us. While we spent our formative years building the right platform on top of AWS, in 2021 we decided to sharpen our focus and ONLY deliver innovation for customers running applications on AWS. We decided to not only give our customers a solution that’s 10x more simple, 10x more scalable and 10x faster when they need recovery, but also deliver a solution that fundamentally air gaps their data into a separate Clumio service and ensures that the customers data is safe in the event of a ransomware attack.

This is the Why of our 2021 execution. The What of our 2021 execution is all the innovation we delivered in 2021 as described later in this blog post. The How of our 2021 execution is attributed to our phenomenal customers who served as design partners to us so we could build something that addresses a huge need they have in AWS and to the hard work we put into the platform in the early years. The results of our 2021 focus & execution are delightful customers who have voted with their wallets and have consumed the simplicity of the Clumio SaaS service with the same enthusiasm that they consumed AWS services over the last decade. This is evidenced by our industry leading NPS score of 88, expansion of our cloud customer base by over 400% and growth in cloud ARR by more than 450% in 2021.

Clumio has also increased the protection coverage for AWS data sources by 3X and we look forward to providing the best and most comprehensive data protection service for every single customer running on AWS. Our goal is to deliver our customers a simple, intuitive cloud data protection as a service that provides turnkey ransomware protection for their mission critcal data so that they can truly gain peace of mind. We won’t sit still until we achieve this lofty goal!

Clumio Rockets Throught 2021 Infographic

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