Mar 08, 2023

Clumio Newsletter – March 2023

Clumio Point in Time Newsletter
Bao Phan
Clumio Newsletter – March 2023

Welcome to this month’s Clumio Point in Time newsletter!

March 31 is World Backup Day, and we’re here to help you get ready for it. Find out what CISOs and security teams can do to stay ahead of the 2023 regulatory landscape. Plus, our Field CTO explains why replication is not a good backup strategy, and gives practical tips on what a good backup strategy for S3 looks like. Read on for a roundup of the latest news and resources to help you get backup and running.


What CISOs Need to Think About This World Backup Day

With new legislation coming in 2023 (CCPA, NYDFS, SEC, Federal Laws), CISOs and security teams need to be prepared to handle them. Listen in as our Field CISO discusses how the changes impact business strategy, and how to continue creating business opportunities while navigating changing regulations.

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ICYMI: Using Replication for Backups? There Are Better Options.

While replication is an excellent choice for high availability, it cannot roll back your data to a specific point in time, making it ineffective against cyberattacks like wipeouts and ransomware, or user-driven deletions and overwrites. Learn the scenarios where Amazon S3 replication is a fit, and when to use a backup solution instead.

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How to create a comprehensive backup strategy for your Amazon S3 environment

Assuming you haven’t fallen to the Mandela Effect in thinking that your S3 data is automatically protected, you’re thinking about how to secure your S3 data without doubling your costs with versioning and replication. Check this handy guide to make sure that you’ve covered all the best practices in designing your S3 backup strategy.

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The data-first CISO, for a new era of data compliance

The codification of privacy is transforming how businesses are expected to operate. There is no more question of what happens when a business doesn’t invest in a cyber program and who’s responsible. Our Field CISO outlines a few changes that will shape this year.

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ICYMI: Help! My AWS backup bill is out of control!

If there was ever a time to optimize your cloud spend, it’s now. And corralling storage and backup sprawl is a great place to start. You’d be surprised at how much of your AWS bill is due to ever growing snapshots, versions, and replications, some of which you may not even have visibility into. It’s time for a cleanup! Get expert tips in this upcoming webinar for how to (safely) cut down your AWS backup costs.

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Quote of the Month

“Our customers trust us with their data. If we lost data, I don’t think we’d be able to stay in business. Clumio helps me sleep easier at night.”

Steven Bong, CEO of AuditFile

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Clumio In The News


Clumio has been featured in a number of recent publications, check out a few here:

What We’re Reading

The latest AWS Security blog dives into The anatomy of ransomware events targeting data residing in Amazon S3, addressing detection, response, recovery, and protection. It’s an important reminder that while AWS provides durable infrastructure, your data is your responsibility. Check out some recommended actions to take from our Field CISO in his blog Security News This Week in 4 Minutes.

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