Feb 09, 2023

Clumio Newsletter – February 2023

Clumio Point in Time Newsletter
Bao Phan
Clumio Newsletter – February 2023

Welcome to this month’s Clumio Point in Time newsletter!

It’s the second month of the year but we’re not over the new-ness of things yet. Check out the new AWS CloudTrail Lake integration, new ways to save on your AWS backup bill, and a new customer story. Read on for a roundup of the latest news and resources to help you get backup and running.

Help! My AWS backup bill is out of control!

If there was ever a time to optimize your cloud spend, it’s now. And corralling storage and backup sprawl is a great place to start. You’d be surprised at how much of your AWS bill is due to ever growing snapshots, versions, and replications, some of which you may not even have visibility into. It’s time for a cleanup! Get expert tips in this upcoming webinar for how to (safely) cut down your AWS backup costs.

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Introducing Clumio’s integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake

AWS has made it simpler to manage audit logs from disparate sources with CloudTrail Lake, a managed security and audit data lake that lets organizations aggregate, immutably store, and query events. Clumio has created a simple integration to capture user activity information and events from your Clumio environment alongside the AWS systems you are protecting with Clumio. Find out how it’s architected and how to leverage it.

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2022 Clumio Innovation Look Back

2022 marked another year of industry-changing innovation at Clumio, driven by customers’ continued demand for next generation scale, lower RPOs and RTOs, platform simplicity, and enterprise features to ensure all their data is protected. Chadd Kenney, Clumio VP of Product, recaps significant features delivered in each month of 2022.

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ICYMI: Planning your AWS Data Protection Strategy for 2023

Ransomware attacks, insider threats, and even accidental deletions are on the rise. Organizations have come to realize that an outdated data protection strategy puts their entire business at risk. But many organizations aren’t sure what steps to take or how to prioritize their needs in order to meet modern requirements. In this webinar, we take a look at three recent developments that can affect how you think about your data protection strategy in 2023.

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ICYMI: Protecting Student Data in AWS in 2023

Student data protection is a constant challenge for EdTech companies and educational institutions. The Federal Trade Commission has ramped up scrutiny of student privacy practices, ransomware threats continue to evolve, and cloud storage costs are steadily growing. At the same time IT and cloud teams must also keep student data storage in compliance with federal mandates. Join this AWSInsider webinar to learn how education organizations can better protect critical student data.

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Quote of the Month

“Within a couple of hours we were connected and ready to go, and within a couple of days we had our first sets of reports. For the price, for that kind of enterprise technology, I don’t think that there’s a product out there that could beat it.”

Louis Martinez, CIO, Synerio

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Clumio In The News


Clumio has been featured in a number of recent publications, check out a few here:

What We’re Reading

A recent Spiceworks article outlined The Hidden Costs of AWS Storage Services, citing factors that contribute to rising costs, with suggestions for mitigation. Our customers already benefit from cost optimizations that address those hidden costs. If you’re still dealing with rising cloud costs without visibility into what’s behind them, visit our AWS Cost Optimization page to learn how to lower your costs.

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CISA has released a “Partnering to Safeguard K-12 Toolkit” to guide educational institutions on the steps they can take to help protect student data. One of the recommended steps is to Perform and Test Backups. Remember, a backup is only as good as its restore, so if you’re having trouble restoring the data you need, take Clumio for a test drive to see how much easier it can be.