Built on AWS and Protecting It Too

Like other companies that have successfully moved enterprise workloads such as CRM, HR, IT service management, and data warehouses to a software as a service model, Clumio is born in the public cloud. Its engineers expertly leverage more than ten major AWS services to deliver the Clumio authentic SaaS backup experience.

Enterprise Backup as a Service for AWS Native Services

Always-On Security

Protect against data loss by storing data outside of production accounts in an immutable format. Quickly recover from accidental deletion and ransomware.

Cost-Effective Data Retention

Meeting compliance requirements with snapshots alone is very expensive. Get compliant and save 50% or more.

Easy to Manage

Simplify the management of tens to thousands of AWS accounts. Manage backup from a uniform set of backup policies for EBS volumes.


“For what you get—the protection and the guarantee that you have—I haven’t seen anywhere else, with any other vendor. I literally saw the Clumio demo, did a POC, and I was like, unless I’m missing something, this is it.”

Jason Thomas - Cole, Scott & Kissane CIO

“Clumio is the best cloud-based backup strategy I've ever seen. I've looked at all of them and it just works.”

Cory Smith - City of Davenport CIO

“The Clumio backup as a service offering, built exclusively on AWS, removes infrastructure complexity from day-to-day operations by providing cloud-native backup and an easy to use management interface for our workloads.”

Marcus Johnston - Chief Security Officer at Infogix

“Clumio future-proofs our cloud backup strategy, protecting our data wherever it is with a single cloud-based service and a predictable cost model.”

Jeff Thomas - VP of IT at MarkLogic

“Clumio meets our strategic directive to manage our mission-critical applications in a SaaS first-Cloud first manner.”

Kevin Erwin - Director of IT at Zetron
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