Built on AWS and Protecting It Too

Born in the public cloud, Clumio leverages the most modern cloud capabilities, including more than ten major AWS services, to ensure it meets the current and future backup requirements of the most demanding enterprises. Clumio delivers an authentic SaaS backup experience protecting workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services.

Enterprise Backup as a Service for AWS Native Services

Always-On Security

Protect against data loss by storing data outside of production accounts in an immutable format. Quickly recover from accidental deletion and ransomware.

Cost-Effective Data Retention

Meeting compliance requirements with snapshots alone is very expensive. Get compliant and save 50% or more.

Easy to Manage

Simplify the management of tens to thousands of AWS accounts. Manage backup from a uniform set of backup policies for EBS volumes.

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“For what you get—the protection and the guarantee that you have—I haven’t seen anywhere else, with any other vendor. I literally saw the Clumio demo, did a POC, and I was like, unless I’m missing something, this is it.”

Jason Thomas - Cole, Scott & Kissane CIO

“Clumio is the best cloud-based backup strategy I've ever seen. I've looked at all of them and it just works.”

Cory Smith - City of Davenport CIO

“The Clumio backup as a service offering, built exclusively on AWS, removes infrastructure complexity from day-to-day operations by providing cloud-native backup and an easy to use management interface for our workloads.”

Marcus Johnston - Chief Security Officer at Infogix

“Clumio future-proofs our cloud backup strategy, protecting our data wherever it is with a single cloud-based service and a predictable cost model.”

Jeff Thomas - VP of IT at MarkLogic

“Clumio meets our strategic directive to manage our mission-critical applications in a SaaS first-Cloud first manner.”

Kevin Erwin - Director of IT at Zetron
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Backup for AWS Native Services

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Clumio Backup as a Service for AWS Native Services


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Protect Against Data Loss and Ransomware


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