AWS Backup or Clumio?

Clumio delivers better usability, speed, and cost

Your AWS data estate is growing and changing rapidly.

Is your AWS backup and recovery solution keeping up?


  • Usability
    - Are your backups air-gapped? Many compliance standards require it.
    - Will the solution scale to your data volume, now and in the future?
    - Does the solution make it easy to find and restore data?
  • Speed
    - Are ingest and restore speeds fast enough to be useful?
    - Can your application access backup data while it’s being restored?
  • Cost
    - Are you paying too much per gb/month?
    - Do your backups hinge on enabling replication?
    -Can you retain records as long as needed affordably?
    - Are you able to control exactly what data is backed up?


No Air Gap

Backups may be vaulted, but remain in your AWS domain

Limited Scale

Maximum of 3 billion S3 objects, with a minimum object size of 128k

Manual Processes

Manually setup backups


Find backups through long lists with no search, calendar view or PITR

Air Gapped Backups

Storing copies outside your AWS domain improves ransomware protection


Compliant with standards like HIPAA & SOC 2

10x Scale

Backup and restore exabytes of data, including S3 buckets containing up to 30 billion objects, with no minimum object size

Ultimate Simplicity

After a quick, easy self-onboarding, setup automated data protection in minutes


Recover with ease using global search, calendar view, or point-in-time restore

10x Faster


We tested an S3 bucket containing 100MM objects and 5TB of capacity, with the following results

Slower Ingest

21 hours

Slower Restore

58 hours

Standard Access

No instant access capability means you have to wait for the full restore to use data

15x Faster Ingest

80 mins

8x Faster Restore

9 hours

Instant Access

Clumio’s instant access feature instantly restores buckets to an endpoint in a read-only format. Get your application back up and running right away while you wait for the full restore.


More Expensive S3 Backup



Replication must be enabled, spiking cost for high-change rate buckets

Cost Prohibitive EC2/EBS Snapshots



Snapshot-only protection makes it difficult to track and control costs

Expensive Long-term Retention

Manual RDS snapshots at $0.095/gb/month

S3 Savings



No need to enable replication

EC2/EBS Savings

$0.035/gb/month for SecureVault Lite


Gain visibility and control of snapshots with Clumio Convert

RDS Savings

$0.045/gb/month for granular record retrieval backups longer than 7 day retention

Clumio Reviews on G2

    Tom O.
    Clumio just makes it too easy
    I like how easy it is to use, we have it back up every night and had zero issues, and the email we get every morning telling us that the backup happened is informative and reassuring. You can't ask for better software with a team of people to make sure it's all working for you. Great product.
    Kendall W.
    Easy to use, comprehensive backup solution
    The interface is extremely simple to use and very intuitive. The time it takes to locate a backup and perform any necessary recovery processes is minimal and, in my experience, complete. When it comes to a solution that multiple people of various skill sets can use, this should be at the top of the list.
    Yosef O.
    Done POC with deep testing and I recommend it
    Their GUI is really good. Easy to backup and restore. price is good compared to AWS backup.
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